Lap of Luxury

You’ll notice a remarkable difference in the level of care and depth of personal service and attention when compared with traditional cat boarding facilities. The staff at Cat Utopia cater to your pet in much the same way as you would expect from a five-star hotel.

The staff respond to all special needs with lots of individual attention and personal pampering. For example, your cat may take advantage of the organic cat nip and evening treats.

Providing a smooth and stress-free transition for your cat while you are away creates
lasting peace of mind for both of you.

  • Personal Pampering
    Feline guests always receive the royal treatment. Every cat gets individual attention every day from the caring staff.
  • Meal Consistency
    Supply your cat’s own food and eliminate any risk of upsetting digestion or altering eating habits.
  • Valet
    We will come and pick up your cat and return them to you when you get home Just to make your life easier. Extra charge will apply
  • Room to Roam
    Guests get individuals access to the whole facility to romp and roam every day.
  • Medical Attention
    Medication administration provided plus quick access to a veterinarian, in case of emergency. Extra charge will apply for the administration of all medications.
  • International Travel Expertise
    Moving with a pet can be stressful and Cat Utopia can help with pre- and post-travel boarding needs.