The following policies are enforced to protect your safety and the safety of our other guests.


All guests are required to have their vaccinations up to date. All vaccinations and applicable reports from vets need to be faxed to our office.
FVRCP-Within last 3 years
Feline Leukemia-optional but highly recommended
Rabies(outdoor cats)
Or current positive titre levels
All vaccinations most be completed 10 days before arrival


Veterinarian-approved flea treatment
(will be applied if needed and cost applied to bill)


Guests need to bring their own food to prevent any upset to their regular food routine.

Other Requirements:

All guests need to arrive in a carrier or on a leash
All guests over 6 months need to be spayed or neutered
Personal belongings welcome

You are welcome to pick up your pet early but please call ahead and let us know that you are coming. Refunds are not available for early pick up.

We require a 3 night non-refundable deposit on confirmation of reservation.

Hours: (check in/check out)

9 am-1 pm 7 days a week

Appointments Required

While you are encouraged to visit Cat Utopia prior to your stay, visitors are required to make an appointment before dropping by the facility. To respect the privacy and ensure the comfort of our clientele, visitors arriving without an appointment will not be permitted to enter.