Pet Relocation

Moving in and out of Vancouver

Moving with your cat can be extremely stressful. Whether you’re staying in BC, moving across Canada, into the US or overseas, the travel and transition period can put tremendous physical and mental strain on your pet. Your own stress combined with a limited amount of your own time and attention to give to your pets can further complicate the situation.

Let Cat Utopia Help:

  • Pre- and Post-Move Boarding
    The transition will be much smoother if you can provide your pets a stable environment during the move and accompanying set up time.
  • Airport Transportation
    Sometimes pets’ travel schedules don’t coordinate well with their caregivers’ schedules. If that’s the case, Cat Utopia offers the next best thing to you being there. Cat Utopia will deliver or retrieve your cats from the airport and provide care and comfort until you can be together again.
  • Ticketing and Paperwork
    Whether its as simple as arranging airline tickets or as complicated as the realms of paperwork needed to travel overseas, Cat Utopia’s travel experts can take care of all the details.

International Pet Travel Experts

Cat Utopia has successful helped cats immigrate from the UK, China and Thailand. In each of these cases, Cat Utopia’s international travel experts provided all the necessary care, transportation and paperwork needed until they were reunited with their families.

  • Boarding
  • Airport Transportation
  • Ticketing and Immigration Paperwork
  • Veterinary care
  • Quarantine, if required
  • Below is one example of the positive results.

Below is one example of the positive results.

“Best Facility for Boarding Cats in Vancouver”


“To appreciate our experience with Cat Utopia, you first need to appreciate how we feel about our three cats. Patita, Sassy and Maverick are far more than pets, these three characters have lived with us in three different countries, they are our companions and an integral part of our family unit.

Therefore when the time came to plan for their immigration from UK to Canada, we really needed to find a facility that would treat ‘the kids’ as well as we do. After many weeks of research, phone calls and e-mails, all the indications were that Cat Utopia was the best facility for boarding cats in the Vancouver area.

I made contact with Cathy and was immediately struck by how helpful and understanding she was. Cathy has many, many years of experience with cats and with their international travels. Her advice was invaluable and really helped remove a huge concern about the welfare of our cats during what was already a stressful time.

We decided to entrust Cathy with our cats and it was the best decision that we could have made. The cats arrived two weeks before we did; Cathy personally collected them from the airport and kept us regularly updated throughout the entire process.

We arrived in Vancouver and rushed off for a first visit. We were immediately impressed by the Cat Utopia set up. The facilities and staff are very impressive. Our ‘three musketeers’ were totally relaxed and looked completely at home in their suite.

The suite they were accommodated in was heated, it had lovely big windows and a completely secured outside enclosure to enable them to safely get some fresh Canadian air.

We visited regularly after that and always found the suite clean and the cats completely relaxed and very happy.

We were thrilled by how good the cats looked when we were finally able to move them into our home; it was clearly a great experience for them and for us. We now drop off the three of them with Cathy whenever we have to go away. The peace of mind we enjoy when leaving ‘the kids’ with Cathy is priceless.

Thank you Cathy, and to the wonderful staff at Cat Utopia. You are truly amazing cat people.

~Martin and Valentina and Sassy, Patita and Maverick